About the project

This search engine and interactive video platform for parliamentary debates is part of the Open Parliament TV project. Our goal is to make parliamentary debates more transparent and accessible.

With Open Parliament TV we develop the workflows, tools and user interfaces required to facilitate new ways of experiencing political speeches. At the core we synchronise the video recordings with the text proceedings. This is how we can provide a full text search for the videos.

By connecting the video recording with the proccedings text we can additionally enrich the videos with

  • interactive transcripts
    (click on a sentence > jump to point of time in the video)
  • context-related annotations
    (display relevant documents at certain points of time)
  • improved means of participation
    (discuss, cite and share specific video segments)

With Open Parliament TV we provide a tool for citizens and journalists, which significantly simplifies finding, sharing and citing video snippets from parliamentary speeches. Based on single terms or sentence fragments, the relevant video snippets can be found in split seconds, played and then embedded as a quote in other platforms.

Besides the full text search, Open Parliament TV includes additional entry points into the debates, like finding speeches via the profile page of a faction or watching all speeches in which a specific document or law is mentioned. In the future we want to extend these functionalities with semi-automated analysis of the plenary proceedings.

More about the vision, mission, strategy and application areas of Open Parliament TV

Open Data

All Data on Open Parliament TV can be requested via our Open Data API:

Open Source

Open Parliament TV is a non-commercial Open Source project. All project components are published under open licenses at Github:


Questions about the project, our data or technical specifications are answered in our Frequently Asked Questions.

Contact & Requests

Joscha J├Ąger, Founder & Project Lead
Mail: joscha.jaeger [AT] openparliament.tv
Twitter: @OpenParlTV